RE: State of Wisconsin Payroll Time & Attendance System

September 2009

Mr. Phil Werner
State Prosecutors Office
Department of Administration
101 E. Wilson Street
Madison, WI 53703

RE: State of Wisconsin Payroll Time & Attendance System

Dear Mr. Werner,

The Wisconsin District Attorneys Association (WDAA) supports the development of an automated system that provides proper accounting of state employee leave time when the system is accurate and provides for ease of use. Unfortunately, the recently developed State of Wisconsin Payroll Time & Attendance System (known alternatively as ptaweb) does not meet these needs in its current form.

The system provides inaccurate information regarding hours worked by prosecutors. For district attorneys, the system fails to recognize that vacation time does not exist as it does for most other state employees. The system forces a district attorney to inaccurately report time off as time worked because the system does not account for this aspect of a district
attorneys leave requirements. For all prosecutors, including deputy district attorneys and assistant district attorneys, the system provides the false illusion that their work is performed within a typical forty hour work week. The state has a severe shortage of prosecutors statewide and this system masks this crisis by providing the image that prosecutors can perform their duties within forty hours; in actuality, many of these prosecutors work numerous hours of uncompensated overtime that the system should account for to truly reflect the time that these state employees work.

The WDAA would like to work with your office and others at the state level to develop a system that accurately accounts for the hours worked and leave taken by prosecutors in this state. In its current form, the WDAA believes that the system is inaccurate and misreports prosecutor work hours.


Ralph Uttke, President
Wisconsin District Attorneys Association

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